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About Clonturkle

Clonturkle is a 100 year old property located at Yetholme, at the western edge of the Blue Mountains.   Perched on the edge of the Lambie High Plain, Clonturkle is considerably higher than Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

Clonturkle comprises a hidden valley surrounded by ridges of forest.   The word 'Clonturkle' is actually an ancient celtic word meaning 'the land around the sacred hollow of Thor - god of forests'.  

Clonturkle forest
Visitors' entrance, Clonturkle house

A Wiradjuri dreaming trail is also thought to pass through the property. Through a long history as a fruit and vegetable farm and a lineage of caring landowners, the natural heritage of Clonturkle has been protected.  

Today, the tradition of its name is being reinvoked.   Through simple natural housing, guided nature experiences, self-guided activities and the freedom to wonder unguided through forest and field, Clonturkle provides opportunities to connect with nature and our own spirit through learning, living and sharing experiences.

Clonturkle is operated by Andrew Bolam.   Andrew has a Ph.D in earth sciences as well as other postgraduate studies in forest and wildlife ecology and management.

160 Eusdale Road Yetholme
NSW 2795 Australia
ph +61 2 6337 5226
fx +61 2 6337 5216

Thor's Kell


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