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Traditional Design, Materials and Techniques

Each Clonturkle cottage is distinctive and has been built from the ground up using traditional designs, materials and techniques

The cottages are designed to reflect the housing of the early pioneers to the tablelands - giving them authentic links to the heritage of this area. For example, the materials used reflect those used in traditional timber housing. Each cabin combines the use of corrugated iron roofing and cladding, as well as weatherboard cladding, round logs and timber slabs.

cutting slabs for cabin steps

Furthermore, the design also reflects that of early housing. Round log verandahs, pitched and skillion rooves, jerkin hip roof, and double pitch roof were all typical styles. The building techniques used also reflect those seen in earlier times, including box gutters, old style ridge caps, steel straps, splayed and vertical and splay weatherboard cladding styles. All the doors are traditional ledged and braced doors made on site.


The timbers used are also traditional to the region. Nine different timber were used, all but one from the region and only one non-native timber. We fetched the round logs ourselves from all over the region, including White Stringybark from Capertee and Ironbark and Grey Box from Tullamore. The timber slabs we also created from a River Red Gum cattleyard that we dismantled off a cattle station near Forbes. All the sawn timber used was milled in small towns within the region, such as Eugowra and Oberon.

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remove bark from ironbark log


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