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Welcome to the Clonturkle Sanctuary

I remember as a teenager trespassing into this empty paddock to get to the bush behind it that was calling me. I snuck down along a gully and passed deep into the timber line.

Unexpectedly, it opened out again into a little valley, with a glade-like field bathed in sunlight and surrounded by forested ridges.  

I remember it as a magical moment. Hidden from the hungry eyes of the modern world, I walked into a place in nature that I connected with strongly in my heart. This is how I discovered 'Clonturkle'.

The old log landing picnic spot

'Sunny Corner' cabin

Clonturkle became my home in 1999, some fourteen years later. Clonturkle is now Clonturkle Sanctuary - a place for others to connect with nature. You are invited on a journey into the spirit of this place and a deepened sense of closeness with nature.

Connecting with nature is a disappearing art.   This is why a retreat to Clonturkle is a whole experience that includes living close to nature's rhythms in very natural and cosy cottages, while having an opportunity to learn about, care for and feel a part of nature through guided nature experiences, self-guided activities and the freedom to just roam.

160 Eusdale Road Yetholme
NSW 2795 Australia
ph +61 2 6337 5226
fx +61 2 6337 5216



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