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Nature of Clonturkle  

Twelve million years ago, Clonturkle was a rainforest covered plateau.  Slowly the gullies of the escarpment have extended further into the high plain. Clonturkle occupies both the high plain and the lip of the escarpment in the form of Flanagan's Gully.




At Clonturkle, the moist tableland hardwood forests of the high plain converge with the moist woodlands of the escarpment to create a swirl of eight different types of forest.  

This meeting place created a particularly rich diversity of habitat and wildlife. Much wildlife remains, including plentiful wombats, gliders, possums, wallabies, kangaroos, lyrebirds, eagles, and owls.


A key goal is to restore habitat and wildlife at Clonturkle to its pre-European diversity.   This will include tree plantings and animal reintroductions.

There are three ways to experience and learn about nature at Clonturkle. The visitor can simply wonder and fill the senses. The visitor can also take self-guided walks, with information sheets and maps. Finally, the visitor can participate in guided nature experiences.

160 Eusdale Road Yetholme
NSW 2795 Australia
ph +61 2 6337 5226
fx +61 2 6337 5216


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