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Cottage Profiles

There are four cottages.   Two cottages cater for small families while two cottages are for couples but also have a trundle bed.   Each is named after a farm or locality in the area near to Clonturkle.   Each cottage has its own story board wall hangings which give the background to the cabin's name.   Each cabin also gives the story of one animal and one plant found near to the cabins for the guest to learn about.




Family Cabins


This cottage is named after Hillandale Farm, a beautiful little market gardening farm that neighbours to Clonturkle along Eusdale Rd.   This cottage looks over Garrads Field to the timberline, from which kangaroos and wombats emerge in the evening.   The nature theme of 'Hillandale' is the Greater Glider, which is sometimes seen in the trees beside the cottage, and the Brown Barrel tree, which is the name of their habitat tree.

'Meadow Lea'

This cottage is name after the original name of Meadow Flat, the neighbouring rural area to Yetholme and the first area on the Lambie highplain settle by Angloceltics because of its gentle terrain.   This cottage looks through tall Brown Barrel trees to the old horse paddock and the timberline in the distance.   The nature theme of 'Meadow Lea' is the Grey Currawong bird, which nests in the trees around this cabin and lets out a haunting call in Winter, and the Blackwood tree, which occurs in the forest.


Couple Cabins

'Kirkconnell '

This cottage is named after one of the first large squatters land holdings in the high plain, located to the north of Yetholme. This cottage also looks through tall eucalypts to the fields and forest beyond. 'Kirconnell' cottage possess a very traditional jerkin hip roof reflecting the European influence in early tableland cottages. The nature theme of 'Kirkconnell' is the kangaroo, which can often be seen to the right from the verandah, and the Candlebark gum tree, several of which are also next to the cottage.

'Sunny Corner '

This cottage is named after another village on the high plain, first settled by shepherds and later developed as a silver mine.   This cottage is more secluded than the others and looks directly into the forest.   It has a distinctive double pitched roof.   The nature theme of this cottage is the wombat, one of whom lives and is frequently seen beside this cottage, and the pretty lomatia bush, occurring throughout the forest.

160 Eusdale Road Yetholme
NSW 2795 Australia
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