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Walks at Clonturkle  

Clonturkle Sanctuary has over 11 kilometres of easy grade walking tracks with many options to plan your own circuit. The walker is led through a blend of landscapes - tall eucalypt forest, woodlands, fern gullies, farm fields, grazing animals, springs and creeks, and old ruins, old settler trails and logger tracks, deep gullies and panoramic ridges.



They are designed for walkers to feel inside the landscape. Information is available for walkers to learn about the history and nature of the gully. At all times, however, visitors are encouraged to amble, to linger, to picnic, to absorb, reflect, to rest.

The following is a brief description of three of the walks.

Flanagan's Gully lane is the old pioneers carriage way that leads through forest and field to Granton ruins. It continues passed it along an old snigging track to the old log landing picnic spot deep in the Dingle.

The plateau walk winds passed the fields and the cabins of the plateau to a forest picnic spot with picturesque views to the fields and farm house beyond.

The low track winds through moist forest to arrive at pretty views across the valley before plunging into the wattle regrowth of the old Granton orchard and joining up with Flanagan's Gully lane.

Guided nature experiences

Guided experiences in nature are a central part of the Clonturkle experience and are typically the high point of a visit. The guidance and vision of an expert combined with an experience shared with other visitors makes for a heighten and memorable connection with nature.

On Weekends, there is usually a guided experience on Saturday afternoon/evening.   This usually consists of an evening walk and campfire gathering afterwards.

The guided experience is the chance to ask questions, share experiences, learn about nature. What animals are in the forest? Where are they? How does a forest work?   How does the soil form? What is the weather telling us? Where is Scorpio in the nightsky?

Most of all, the guided experience is about sharing a moment with nature. Something special is available to us when we step out of our human controlled world into a shared world. Connecting with nature - experiencing a forest at night, contemplating our place in the galaxy - and feeling 'at home' in a place is about feeling a place with your heart.

160 Eusdale Road Yetholme
NSW 2795 Australia
ph +61 2 6337 5226
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Self-guided nature experiences

Freedom to wonder at your leisure is equally important. Whether it is watching lambs play, laying in bed listening to cows call, leaning on a fence post feeling the breeze, picnicking in the forest or ambling along a track - you are encouraged to just be there in nature.

Each cabin has a 40 page journal which tells 'The Story of Clonturkle'. It tells the story of the evolution of the valley, the forest and its wildlife over millions of years to the present.   It also tells the story of the first people, the Wiradjuri, and the settlement by Anglo-celtics.

The journal is both educational and entertaining and provides yet another foundation for connecting with the nature of Clonturkle.

The 'Story of Clonturkle' provides the background for self-guided walks.   These walks are an opportunity to turn this knowledge into much more meaningful and imaginative experiences.   A Map and information sheets are provided for the different walks.


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